PT. Novo Complast Indonesia, a PMA company incorporated under the Indonesian laws is a pioneering company bringing innovative products with the latest world class technology. Company’s business interest in industrial packaging would cover products in blow moulding (Open Top drums and `L’ Ring tight Head drums) and world class IBCs. Company has installed state-of-the-art production facilities at Tangerang in Banten Province, on the outskirts of Jakarta with stringent quality systems and procedures in place. P.T.Novo Complast is a multinational conglomerate with operations in Bahrain, Belgium, China, Egypt,I ndonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sharjah, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam is a leading manufacturer of polymer products. P.T.Novo Complast brings you the world’s most popular designs at your doorstep and promises to update you with the latest packaging products continually.

Industrial Packaging

GNX IBC systems are designed with exclusive features for efficient performance even in rugged terrains and rough handling.


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